If You Don’t Understand Leverage

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

What’s the secret to creating more with less?

For years I’ve been studying what the wealthy are doing differently in their lives. Looking for that one priority they all had that I didn’t.

You see, I was spinning my wheels energetically, spending hours every day in non-productive activities, like worrying about money, stressing about relationships and doing the busywork in my business.

I was scattered.

But I was also frustrated, stressed, and ultimately unfulfilled.

I noticed that the wealthy people I knew were doing something different, it was kinda like they had a secret that I didn’t have.

As I studied about the wealthy’s priorities, I realized that there was a theme they all had in common that I knew nothing about.

Somehow, they knew how to leverage their time and energy to create more.

While I was on the hamster wheel, running and running and never getting anywhere even though I could see where I wanted to go.

The wealthy people I was trying to learn from were breezing through life, creating profitable businesses and homes that genuinely worked for them.

What I truly wanted was so close I could taste it but never could quite grab it.

The thing I was missing was leverage.

I didn’t know how to leverage my time and energy to have the results I knew were possible.

I was living in a messy house, not having energy or time to clean, while working 70 hours a week and not having any money to show for it. I was also doing everything in my company and the sole source of all energy output in my life.

Things were not working.

What I noticed about wealthy people is that instead of doing everything in their life, they put energy into their priorities. And they don’t put energy into what is not creating for them or the life they’ve decided they’re having.

I began to notice things like wealthy people having a housekeeper to keep their home clean and tidy.

I immediately thought I can’t afford that!
But then I looked at it differently, what if instead of seeing this as an expense, I look at it as leverage.

How much time am I spending daily thinking “I should clean my house” Ug, it’s so messy in here. I really should clean, why am I so messy?”

For me, this was a lot! Likely hours a day these thoughts were passing through my consciousness resulting in making myself unconsciously wrong!

It was kinda like having a sprained ankle and walking around on it all day long.

So, how could I change my thinking to add leverage here?

If I had a housekeeper every other week, what would that create?
I felt the energy lighten immediately, just the thought of that opened up energy for me.

Ok, so $70 every 2 weeks and I have less heavy energy in my world.

Less wrongness of me, less wasted thoughts, less heavy energy.

What would that create?

This leverage thing might just be the key to creating more with less.